We really appreciate his tremendous help

Buying a house is a stressful and lengthy process, especially for my husband and I who were anxiously to become the first time home owners. Douglas Montgomery really demonstrated his professionalism as a real estate agent and, as he said at the very beginning, guided us through the entire process. We really appreciate his tremendous help and support so It’s with great pleasure that I am able to review and recommend Douglas.

First of all, we were really lucky one day to see Douglas listing which pulled out our attention from other areas of the city to the lovely neighborhood where eventually we found our home. Douglas was extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about the unique history and characteristics about the neighborhood and houses. Unlike other realtors, he was very honest and confrontational about the drawbacks and things that we should be aware of. He serves/is actively involved in the Real Estate Ethical Board and the local garden club. His candidness and expertise really helped build trust and friendship among us. Therefore we asked him to be our buying agent (I personally really liked his listing but it doesn’t fit our need due to the walking distance).

We actually debated over whether we should get a buying agent as we heard many negative aspects of involving a buying agent as opposed to dealing with a selling agent directly in the tough real estate market. However, with hindsight, we are glad and never regret of getting Douglas as our buying agent. He is trustworthy and helped us make right decisions. As a first time home buyer, we had endless questions. He has always been patient with us and addressed our inquiries and concerns with quick turnarounds. He also helped us bridge with Seller/agent. He and his inspection guy helped us evaluate significant concerns we had on the houses we were seriously considering in a timely fashion, for which we were extremely appreciative. Douglas’ other team members, Laurie, his assistant/agent, Keith Angerame, the attorney, were also very good, providing timely support with reasonable fees. Douglas also continues to provide us tips and recommendations after we closed our home purchase. We highly recommend him and his team.