Home NY will guide you

Our 86 year old house was inspected, appraised, cleaned, sanded, cosmetically painted, and assessed by a professional stager, before contacting Doug to list the house. This prep work was worth every penny.

We contacted Doug and his listing and the sale of our home was very straightforward. Doug is eager to please. He is an expert in what/how properties sell in a historic/landmark district. He has patience. He lives locally and is in tune to the demographic shifts and how to best sell a precious but aged property. Our decision to use Doug was based on his communication savvy. I needed someone who could text, email, fax in real time. I live 150 miles away. Our house sale took 7 months(winter) from listing to closing(summer). If you are reasonable and take a good look at how an aging Douglas Manor presents to a buyer, Home NY will guide you.