Great experience – truly grateful

I’ve never written a “fan” letter for a Realtor. In fact. all my dealings with Realtor, both as a buyer and a seller, have been cordial but unremarkable up till now. But given the excellent attention Douglas afforded to selling my mother’s home in Douglaston, I am compelled to let you know how great the experience was and how grateful I am.

When he first said that I could relax and would handle everything, I was skeptical. Given that I am living in Connecticut and my mother’s house was in Queens, I thought I would be traveling back and forth to attend to the various problems and situations that popped up. He allayed my fears very quickly. He literally took care of everything. I barely went back to the house and he kept me in the loop at all times.

He was very realistic with expectations about selling, from the price that it would go for and how it would sell. I was concerned that the house would be bought and then knocked down for new constuction. Beyond the sentimental value of the home to me, the shame of potentially destroying such a well-constructed (even in disrepair) house was unsettling, but he kept saying the right people would love it and buy it.In fact, unlike other realtors, he showed genuine enthusiasm for the house I trusted him more, I realized the true worth of it. My fears of it being viewed only as a severed fixer-upper were dispelled.

Also to his credit, he suggested minor, inexpensive repairs that he believed would increase the value, while respecting that I wanted to sell the house “as is”That would have been enough but he also arranged the labor to be done by competent workers in short time. Again I trusted and again, I was pleasantly surprised.

I have no doubt that we sold the house in a tough market at what I believe to be a fair price due to his tireless efforts. I noticed some other properties that were on the market before my mother’s and were not sold by the time we closed on hers. We sold to a family that I believe will get many years of pleasure in the house as my family had. That is priceless for a home that meant so much to me.

I will be honest-there were other realtors I interviewed who offered to sell at a lower commission than his, but I am very glad I opted for his services rather than being “penny-wise and ound-foolish,” And I need to point out that his commission was hardly out of line with most realtors. I am just very glad to have contraced with him and don’t regret a single interaction we had.

Thank you for everything and if anyone ever wants to sell or buy a home in your area, I can recommend you highly without reservation