Memorial Day 2018


We often find ourselves celebrating Memorial Day for incorrect reasons. This federal,  summer holiday is not about grilling hotdogs or drinking as much beer as you can. It is not even about taking that long-weekend vacation that you have desperately wanted to experience. Instead, Memorial Day is about honoring those who have sacrificed and died for our liberties. One of the many activities to celebrate Memorial Day is attending theLittle Neck- Douglaston Memorial Parade.

            In this article, I have highlighted all there is to know about this special event.

            A few aspects of what separate our Memorial Day parade from others can be understood through three characteristics. Firstly, we are the largest Memorial-Day community parade in the nation. Because of the large size of our local parade, an assortment of participants march in the parade each year. Some of the upcoming contributors  are FDNY Engine 313 Ladder164, Douglaston, American Red Cross, Greater New York, and Korean War Veterans Association. Each of the members that are involved demonstrate the diversity of the Greater New York City area.

            Another characteristic that makes our local Memorial Day parade special is its respective history. Adopting the “It is happening no matter what” philosophy, this local event has been educating and bringing joy to visitors and residents since 1927. Apart from the celebration being part of the region’s identity, this year’s event also brings milestone anniversaries. It marks the end of the Korean War and also commemorates the 50th anniversary of the most violent period of the Vietnam War. Both of these dark periods in American History also emphasize Little Neck- Douglaston’s respect towards our fellow men and women in uniform. Additionally, the parade also has yearly honorees, which honor or commemorate military personnel or other members of the community.

            The last element that makes our town’s Memorial Day parade special is the amount of support that we receive from fellow New Yorkers and visitors. The assortment of Memorial Day events demonstrate that the Little Neck-Douglaston area is a place that caters to couples and families alike. There is no need to drive your SUV to the beach when you have one of the most famous Memorial Day parades right in your backyard!

            Starting this Monday on May 28th at 9:30 a.m. you will be able to see and understand what makes our town’s Memorial Day Parade special. Be sure to look at the interactive map to get the best view of the route and learn what Memorial Day is truly all about.

Written by Dylan Moskowitz